Concept work by Benoit Godde

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New version of Plastik Wrap’s Plutonium jacket. Check out the amazing quilted matte PVC details.

Whoa, plastik-wrap is growing up


Fire & Ice (by Marcel Floruss)





nothings worse than soft grapes

soft apples

soft dicks

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Steve ESPO Powers


Sidewalk Psychiatry, Candy Chang 


Todd Hido - Homes at Night 



"Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, But Money Can Buy You A Baby Goat, Which Is A Ball Of Happiness”   ~Phillard Von Chester 

Have fun looking at baby goats and hope your day gets better!

OMG Goat on the bed!!


A couple nights ago I got drunk and offered to post my nudes if I raised 100 dollars in donations to put toward giving away two chest binders. Unfortunately Tumblr went down a few hours later so the 100 dollars wasn’t raised. One generous person however did donate a whole 50 to the cause, and there is absolutely no reason I should keep that money to myself!!! So since I didn’t get to show off my breasts, I’m instead going to compress yours!!!!

Giveaway rules!

  • You are only eligible for this giveaway if you are a transgender male or AFAB non-binary individual. No cisgender women/cosplayers will be considered to win.
  • If you are cisgender and wish to reblog this to offer more exposure, please just enter a simple #signal boost only in the tags.
  • Tumblr’s limitation will only allow one reblog per person, but I hope you’ll consider reblogging it more times if only to give other people the chance to enter!
  • Likes do count, since I know that closet issues may arise from reblogs. If this is still risky for you, you are more than welcome to message me to enter instead of doing either. Entries done this way must be off anonymous.
  • I am happy to ship internationally, and if you are in need of super discreet packaging, I am more than willing to ship it to myself first and remove all suspicious labeling before send it to you.
  • The recommended product I’ll be purchasing by default is the Double Front offered by http://ftm.underworks.com/, (I own it and it works wonders- I’m a 36D!) but any product from their website is possible if you prefer something else.
  • Obviously you must have your ask open and be comfortable giving me your mailing address and measurements.
  • The winner will be kept confidential under all circumstances unless they themselves choose to talk about it.  I will post receipts after the purchase to prove that the product was indeed bought.
  • If you are not interested in the binder but still wish to help, you can continue to make donations via PayPal to ersalmon@uvic.ca so I can giveaway more than one! Every bit helps, after all!
  • If you can’t rely on luck, you can purchase binders at a very cheap price by going through this post. Again, please leave those products to trans* individuals- don’t purchase them for cosplay purposes.

I’ll end this on September 15th at 23:59, so good luck!!

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to send them my way!!! Lots of love!!!